A generation company,
its history began when one of its directors
opened a beauty salon in the interior of São Paulo/BR
in the year 1998.
she was charmed by the cosmetic market.
With the growth of this trade,
its partner-investor, which was created in the commercial environment,
saw a great opportunity to expand their business.

In mid-2005, they began to study
the feasibility of creating a brand of cosmetics.
In 2008, on a trip to Egypt and Israel,
what was a project came to be realized.
As a first step, a name was chosen,
something special, Korban, whose meaning
is present to the divine.

On this trip, they had the opportunity
to know two cosmetic factories,
and the characteristics of these peoples served
of inspiration to the directors of Korban.
They arrived in Brazil willing to break
barriers and to develop products with
the highest quality and technology.

Today we summarize our story as follows:
inspired by beauty and special care
with hair, Korban Professional develops
products that enhance and boost self-esteem
of each client. Active since 2009,
Korban was consolidated by the quality
of their products


A company that values respect and ethics with the human being and with the environment. We encourage assistance projects, seeking to improve our community, state and country. We believe that to be successful is to leave a legacy for other generations.


Our focus is INNOVATE. We are a company that is distinguished by its quality and dynamism,
we make of this a synergy.
We bring trends and improve ourselves every day, seeking new technologies and strategies for the cosmetics market, modernizing and dictating concepts to take them to beauty salons, seeking to increase the value of each service provided by the professional hairdresser.

Mission: to value the professional

When designing a product and a project, we have as a priority the professional hairdresser, not measuring efforts to produce and bring the customer the best.

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The best workshops taught by the best technicians in the area.
A complete academy for those who want to interact in the news, learn,
specialize or just know a little more of one of the most expanding business in the world.

We are present throughout the national territory presenting innovative trends and new techniques.
Become a part of the KORBAN team you too!




+55 19 3936 2602 / 19 3936 2585
280, Alameda Vênus Street
ZIP CODE: 13347-659
American Park
Indaiatuba, São Paulo - Brazil